Monday, May 5, 2008

Stitching Instead of Bitching!

Well, my new neighbors are very crafty and like me, have some free time on their hands. They have inspired me to dig out this cute little kit I ordered last winter and have not really used. It is from called "Stitch-It Kit" by Jenny Hart. I thought this pattern of hers was a bit creepy and wierd and not at all matronly. So it was the prefect way to touch up this sweet, dull little pink t-shirt that I never wear and was about to donate to the Second Hand Rose. Her patterns are fun and quick to do, and she encourages people to have fun with things and experiment. So this was how I stayed out of trouble for a good hour.
As I sit here, Frankie is playing Club Penguin and whistling. It is always a good sign when Frankie whistles, a sign that all is well. Except of course, Dad being gone.

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