Friday, May 2, 2008

Frankie and Nate

Frankie and Nate have been handling this deployment thing like troopers. It seems like Nate tested limits quite a bit for the first few days, to the point where I was about to wring his sweet neck. This was always the point where I would call Jose over and let him take over with his low booming voice, and Nate would always straighten up. But just as my delicate lovely hands are clenched and moving towards him, I realize he is learning that he has to follow the rules even though Dad is gone. Especially now! Frankie spent a few days in his room doing top secret Frankie stuff, with the door locked. Since the computer is down in the kitchen, there is very little trouble he could get into there. They don't mention Dad unless it is very quiet around the house, at night before bed.
They are making new friends at our new house though. Twice this week I have had to go to the neighbors and fetch one of them at 8 oclock at night to come home. Last night Frankie went to the movie Iron Man with a buddy from the Yokosuka base, and Nate spent the afternoon back and forth between our house and the neighbors who had an X Box. We had pizza for the second time this week. I'm wasting away over here, Jose. Ha! Its their favorite meal. Little monkeys!

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