Wednesday, May 28, 2008

boys and I took a trip

The boys and I took our first trip in Japan without Jose. I thought about him the whole time, because he loves Japan and would have enjoyed it so much. On the first day we toured Miyajima Island, by taking a ferry over from the main land. We stayed at a hotel in Hiroshima the first night and did our tours there, then went to Kurashiki the next day, Himeji by evening to stay in a hotel there, and saw the most magnificent castle the next day.
I learned that I really can travel and be independent without Jose. Especially for an MWR tour, where you take a bus ride there and they have a nice itinerary already laid out for you, complete with English maps. It could not have been any easier as a single mom, any better planned out or any more fun. Wow! A good Memorial Day weekend.

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