Tuesday, May 20, 2008

berry bowl

Ok, so here is a blurry side view of the bowl I made in pottery class on the Yokosuka base. Every Monday morning, I take pottery with an adorable old Japanese man, Tetsuo, who speaks only a few words of English. The few things he says most, to me at least, are "no good" "I help" and "Oh, my God!" I just love him. :) Anyway, I am not very good at it but have been enjoying it very much, getting my hands in the clay, having an image in my head that I am just like Demi Moore in that movie "Ghost". Just like her. Now I have a good collection of odd mishapen bowls and platters. The beauty of them is that if they break, that's ok! I remember the color I glazed them with and how I did it, so can easily make another. Also, this whole drama takes place while the boys are in school. Frankie takes pottery with Tetsuo on Wednesdays after school, but Nate has lost the zest for it. At least we didn't go out and buy him a $200 uniform for it right before he lost interest. But then the Kendo is another subject.

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