Friday, May 30, 2008

Nurse Ratched Will Take Care of You

Ah, poor poor Cricket. I think it was the beetle he ate. It was not a stag beetle or a pretty iridescent beelte of the kind he normally likes to chase and torment in the back yard. It was a wierd looking dull black and it came to a dull rounded point in the front. I know this because we have had a few in the back lately. The back was covered with grooves. It was ugly. Anyway, when Cricket is chasing something I normally don't intervene since any creature could easily outsmart him and get away.
I'm blaming the beetle yet it could have been something the neighbor's 18 month old fed him out in the courtyard. Whatever it was, we awoke to a very bad smell and lots of dried mess on the white floor of the living room. The festivities continued after we awoke and there was no denying it: Cricket was one sick puppy.
I called the Vet and she said to keep an eye on him and probably, since he would sit sit up and look at us when we called him name, he was not deathly ill even though he might not agree. We kept him in the kitchen with lots of newspapers when we left the house, but mopped up many a trail while he tried valiantly to make it out the door. Yes, this is not a pleasant image. He was throwing up as well. Ugh!!!
Later that day he appeared to have completely returned to his old self. I fed him a dinner of rice and boiled chicken, per the vet's advice. He ate great and started getting on my nerves with his demanding antics, just like usual. Another day of rice and chicken and we'll go back to his old food.
I know everyone would be very interested in all of these details.
I can only assume poor sweet Cricket has probably not learned anything from what he ate the night before!

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