Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day

Awww.....little Kotaro, Ko-chan is so cute I just want to take a little bite out of him!!! The kids had fun with his as well, and took turns holding him while he grinned. On Mother's Day, Saori and I were home alone with our kids whilst our husbands were off on different ships. We decided to go out for brunch with our kids, and met up at the CPO (Chief Petty Officer's Club) for their brunch. The food was ok, but the best part of the food was the coconut cake, which alone was worth going for. Ko-chan is such a content, jolly little fellow. They are calling me "Aunty Wendy," which I think is a great honor. I remember when he was just a twinkle in his parents' eye and Saori and I were working together at the thrift shop. Saori is a great friend. She is one of the families associated with the rusty old Kitty Hawk ship that is retiring this year, the ole dinosaur. She still does not know where her husband will go next or what will be come of her and the baby. She is Japanese and would love to be able to raise him here, and have him go to Japanese schools, but they might move to the States. They do have in-laws in the States after all. Or, he may end up somewhere without either of them for a year. Somewhere warm, and sort of tropical, with rum and cigars.
We ate to our hearts content and then I went home with our kids, then picked up another season of the show "Stargate" for Frankie who is a huge fan. I did not see him for the rest of the afternoon. Later that night Chris, one of our neighbors, made dinner for all of us Moms, including his wife who is an active duty person herself. He made grilled salmon, brats, and bulgur wheat salad and regular salad, and for dessert, his vanilla lattes that he always makes us. It was a wonderful day, except for missing Jose so much.

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