Wednesday, January 27, 2010

messy room of the month

This is our messy pre-teen boy's room of the month. Can anyone top this mess??

a couple of knuckleheads

So, I have finally found the camera after months of looking. Who knew it was in our 11-year-old's upper nightstand drawer? Now I will have to take some pics and find something pithy to say.
The boys are doing well over here. Frankie has gotten straight A's for the second quarter in a row - this school here has been an excellent fit for him. I pray we can keep him here in this school until he graduates. He is now in 9th grade. We will see. Naters is responding to our attentive monitoring of his homework. Heh heh. He responds to colorful threats, like Jose hanging a good Cuban machete from his belt and threatening to whop the side of his head with it like a good Cuban papa. I have promised to tie him up, but peanut butter on the bottoms of his feet, sprinkle bacon bits on top of that, and release the dogs.
Work is going well although I keep getting pulled away from my beloved sub acute unit and made to work on the surgery unit with joint replacement patients, fast discharges, where I do little or nothing of any life-affirming, meaningful stuff other than setting up discharge. I'd rather be at the mall, frankly. Although there is alot of social need, much of it I am powerless to change, which makes it less rewarding. Heeh hee, maybe someone from work will actually read this and I'll be relieved of all tasks entirely! Anywhoo...its good. One thing about being financially stable with a working spouse, and not dependent on my income anymore is that I feel more confident and more outspoken. I can be dedicated to my profession but at the same time, a bit sassy about it. It is a good place to be. I feel very blessed and lucky.

Jose, Frankie and I have been watching NCIS as much as possible. We agree that Abby is adorable. I agree with myself that Jethro is hot. Since Special Agent Gibbs works on a wooden boat in his basement, this has reminded Jose that he has projects to work on in the garage, involving sharpening his chisels and building a wooden container to hold his chisels, and putting a nice finish on his chisels. Other than that, I am not sure what he does in there. :)

a couple of scarfs only pink!

Here are a couple of scarfs I made for a Breast Cancer Awareness fundraiser. The buttons on this one are yummy black cherry buttons that I ordered on etsy. The above scarf is not as hideous as it looks in the pic - its very soft pink bamboo. Very pink - would not wear in all likelihood...