Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Peace Park and the museum in Hiroshima

Hiroshima was a sobering experience. I'm glad the kids and I got to see it and learn from the museum. Their are still survivors of the blast in Hiroshima and the experience is still very much alive for them. It was so much worse than our 9/11. The scale of destruction and the long-reaching effects of the radiation on the citizens were staggering. Some American prisoners of war were also sacrificed in the bombing. One Japanese person was telling me that what they fear most about the George Washington, the nuclear aircraft carrier, coming to Yokosuka, is the secrecy and lack of control and monitoring the people say that the Japanese will have over the ship itself. A small fire has already broken out in the ship, according to the papers, and this does not help matters. Japan relies on quite a bit of nuclear power, but of course that is heavily regulated by the Japanese government. Of course, the Japanese government has agreed to having the George Washington, as long as it is at sea much of th etime and not actually sitting in Tokyo Bay. I can appreciate how some of the citizens are feeling. I feel for the people who are against the George Washington, and are holding the quiet, orderly protests around the base.

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