Thursday, May 1, 2008

Japanese Convenience Store Treats

I think Japanese convenience store treats deserve their own special category in this blog. Here is some yummy (?) ramen we picked up for the boys a couple of weeks ago. Yep, UFO flavor. It was a mysterious seafood salty soy sauce curry mix. In the convenience store, it looks just like the inside of a gas station but without the gas pumps outside, and they are on every other street corner. 7-11 is here, now "7 and I holdings". They have a whole isle of different flavor Ramen noodles, a bath of mysterious fish cakes floating in sea flavored broth, fried chicken and "american dogs" rotating endlessly under warm lights, and refigerated sushi and things which actually have enough preservatives to go for weeks in a hot car and look exactly the same (guess how I know this...)

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