Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Jose's New Closet

This weekend I bought a major piece of furniture at a mini bazaar at the middle school, without consulting Jose. I figure Jose being on a ship until summertime is a good time for me to do this. As a matter of fact, I thought it might be a nice place for him to keep all of the clothes we don't have room for in "our" large walk-in closet anymore. A couple of handsome young fellows delivered it to Ikego, and although I knew they were instructed to bring it to the door only, I asked if they could please bring it upstairs since my husband was IA and couldn't help me lift it. Now, I did try to play on the feminine whiles a bit but the "whiles" have not worked well since I hit about 30 and let myself go like I have. Anyway, they were very sweet and brought it all the way up the tall narrow stairway for me, and refused to accept an extra tip I tried to give them. I hope you like it, honey!

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