Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tater's Birthday

Well, lil Taters turned ten last week. I can hardly believe how fast the baby is growing up. To Nate, ten is a big milestone because apparently at ten years of age, a young fellow is allowed by the powers that be on the base, the be left unattended in various situations including going to the playground and the library by himself. He has his military ID and keeps it with his bus pass and his lunch tickets. He has actually lost all three many times. Now they are in a special holder which is bungeed to his backpack.
Anyway, Nate, Frank and several buddies had a fun afternoon of bowling, pizza and (ugh!) a great looking brightly frosted birthday cake from the commissary on the base. They had a blast, and actually Jose and I bowled three games together. We aren't normally very competitive, but I did enjoy mopping the floor with him, two games out of three.
Part of the fun of his birthday was getting stuff in the mail - birthday fun money from Cookie Grandma and a very special email from the Dinosaur which he will use on (my biggest hobby and vice). Even Frankie who was forced to come with us, enjoyed the day.

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