Tuesday, April 29, 2008

just a regular day

Well, today I thought it would be kind of fun to go to the base using the toll roads. I thought, hey, I'll save time and get there faster, and overcome my fear of the tolls. Well, it was kind of fun and I did overcome my fear of the tolls, because I learned that the nice Japanese fellows working there will smile politely and let you make a U-turn if you go the wrong way and end up in Yokohama by mistake, instead of Yokosuka. They will even take care of you if for some mysterious reason you can't explain, end up on the Honcho-Yamanaka road without a ticket. :) Being my first time without Jose of course, it took alot longer and cost a bit more to get to the base.
My new neighbors are wonderful. They have heard Jose is gone and are taking care to include me in all of their fun adventures. Yesterday they went to a fabric store in Kamakura and got some knit material to make t-shirts which they drew out a pattern for, for each gal. I was invited but I was not home to pick out the material. This did not stop me from hanging around all afternoon, and even getting my sewing maching fixed by the neighbor's friend.
Today we were sitting outside letting their kids run around, and letting our dog get carried like a baby by three adorable little girls who fought over him and refused to put him down. After a morning where I paid no attention to him, he was in heaven. One of the parents announced that they were doing a communal dinner and I was welcome to join in. I brought black beans and some asparagus. There was salmon, hamburger, lentils, chicken, rice, and salad. Wow! The kids picked at different foods while they ran around and played, and of course dropped enough that Cricket could not have been happier.
Tonight I took Nate to the main base for book club and left Big Boy home all by himself. He loves that.
Jose if you are reading this, I hope you are safe and loving the life on the ship. I miss you!

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