Friday, April 25, 2008


Aw, poor Cricket, minding his own business, watching Puffy Ami Yumi and licking his own butt, when he gets scooped up by a crazy lady and lathered up with this shampoo, then made to sit it it for 5 whole minutes! The red eyes are not just a trick of the light but the evil demon Pekingese who takes over when he gets submerged in soapy water :) Since we moved to our new house, Cricket has had some major itching and scratching of himself day and night, and according to the vet does not have fleas of mites but rather some kind of allergic reaction to his new environment. It could be seasonal (join the club!) or it could be something recently sprayed on the lawn by the base housing. He has little yellow pills for five days which unfortunately do not make him tired like the vet promised. He also has a allergy shampoo which I will use on him twice a week until his itching goes away. None of this has slowed down his diva attitude or how he manages his human servants. High maintenence Peke!!!

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