Friday, April 25, 2008

petey petey

Petey Petey Bo Beety Banana Fana For Feety Fee Fi Mo EATY, Petey!

Here is a sort of hummus recipie for little nephew Petey to try and see if he likes it. Lil Peter Henry cannot have any peanuts at all, not even a smidge. He could have this yummy stuff as a spread on sandwich, or as a dip. He is the coolest kid at school, just as my other nephew is the coolest kid as his day care.

Here goes:

1 can of chickpeas or great white northern beans or whatever white beans you have

1/4 cup tahini (sesame paste) for those who can eat otherwise skip!!! Petey probably not have it, but I put this in just for other people

juice of one lemon

1 or two garlic cloves

a splash of olive oil

a hint of hot sauce, just a hint

salt to taste

Put all in the blender, add a whiff of salt and eat it all in one sitting.

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