Tuesday, April 22, 2008

bamboo shoots and leaves!

Frankie had fun harvesting bamboo shoots with our Japanese neighbors. Every spring, they havest the new young shoots and eat, give away, and sell them. They are great grilled. It was so kind of them to ask the boys if they wanted to go do this, especially while Jose and I were packing and moving stuff. Nate did not want to go, especially after we saw the tarantula sized fellow coming out of the forest and many more of his friends are there, I'm sure. Frank loves it though. The forest they have is carefully cultivated so that the bamboo don't grow too closely and choke eachother out. Instead, it is beautiful and has walking paths through it. Each spring, there are many new shoots coming up that can be removed and eaten, with virtually no impact on the forest. Bamboo is the ultimate renewable resource! Here is Frankie also, with a new shoot. It looks like a hairy big old thing, but with a bit of cutting and shaving and teriyaki sauce, can be grilled and eaten or tossed into soup.

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