Thursday, April 3, 2008

New Lawn and Errand Boy Wanted

Interviews for my new lawn and errand boy starting soon! Jose and I found out that he will be going IA, otherwise known as Individual Augmentee, at the end of the month. He will be going a board a ship and working as part of Project Hope, for the Navy. This will take place all around the Carribean and South America. He will basically be gone until early December or so, hopefully with a little reunion time in the middle. I am so proud of him, and I know he'll be great at it. He also speaks Spanish which can only help. I'm going to miss him very much. He has always been my calmer and more sensible half. I am not ready to be a single mom! Yikes! We have been married 14 years and never been apart since he went to training school for the Navy. But I know that many other military wives have been through this over and over, so I'm not alone. Aw, heck, I don't care about them, this is me!
Ok, I'm done complaining for now, I have to put on a brave face for the boys, and show them that Moms can run the show, and have adventures and travels in Japan too, not just Dads. First step is our trip to Hiroshima, just me and the boys, at the end of May. After that, we will fly to MN for a month. Whoo woo! We can't wait!

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