Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Goodbye Hayama House!

Well, last weekend we moved into the Ikego townhouse and said goodbye to our house in Hayama. We have been without internet for a bit and that is why I have neglected my blog here. Here is a picture of our house from the back, then the views from the main road going by our neighborhood. Our house is right behind the big white building which is an elementary school, Kamiyayaguchi Shogakko. You can see the mountains and if you look carefully, you can see the trees in their spring blooms. Japan really is beautiful in the spring.
The move itself was a bit traumatic. We have gotten spoiled by having the Navy move us to Japan, but this time was a self move. We found a great company based out of Yokohama, to move a truck load of furniture, but then the rest of the house including one meeellion boxes, we moved ourselves. Who knew we had so much junk.
Later, I came back to spend one eight hour day just cleaning the house we left behind. Who knew we were so crusty, dusty and just plain filthy?!? On Tuesday I had a miserable but funny (now) experience with what they call "the inspection." The Japanese landlady, her adult son who speaks English, the rental agent, and myself standing by in humilitation, inspected the move-out condition of the house and made the decision on how much of our damage deposit would be deducted for damages etc. It was a pleasure to watch as they opened drawers, peered in the oven, ran their fingers over ledges, etc. I had to roll my eye a bit as the landlady clucked over the grime inside of an upstairs window that I had forgotten. Of all the time I spent in the kitchen, the drawers that lay open had a horrifying amount of crumbs and fur in it, three twisty ties and a lego piece. Obviously, there were a few things I missed. The agent kept sighing to himself. "No time to clean, eh?" "Oh, no time to clean.....oh, she is so busy....oh, so busy...."
Who knew leaving the windows open in the rain would cause the paper shoji screen who curl and yellow? Who knew two boy with swords could poke so many holes, a few unmentioned even to their mother. (Upon further investigation, wouldn't you know, NOBODY did it?!? NOBODY does alot of stuff at our house....)
Anyway, my failure as a housewife has been laid out and gotten out in the open. I can not tell you how crushed I am that my cleaning skills have been so disparaged. I can only await my last paycheck and to be sent home on the next plane. :)
But on to our new house, and when that gets too dirty, I suppose we'll have to move again!

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