Saturday, April 5, 2008

Cut the cake!

Aww, so cute!! Captain Krentz lets the children of the returning IA's cut the Welcome Back cakek with his fancy Navy sword! Look at their cute little faces! They were delighted with the whole sword thing. I wanted to lick the frosting of, but everyone thought I was joking. They were laughing. Or was it the nervous twitter you get when you're reacting to a crazy person. It was darn good frosting. Captain Krentz is a really nice man, even if he is Jose's boss, I really like him alot. He and his wife Kathy, who has become a dear friend in the last year, have raised 7 kids together. A good Catholic family! They had an Easter egg hunt for all of the hospital kids and hid eggs all over the yard. Kathy helped us get into our townhouse on the base and has offered so much advice and encouragement over the last year. Once, she even pulled me out of the way of an oncoming car when I was chattering away and a Japanese car almost ran me over. Seriously, I am going to miss them both when they move this summer.

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