Wednesday, April 9, 2008

little boys

Every week Frankie has been tutoring little cutie Connor in his first grade math. I think this is a good match because Frank, at twelve and a half, is still part little boy and gives Connor the reward or playing with him and giving treats for an hour well spent on his work. Sadly, Connor is going to PCS sometime in the next month. We'll miss him and his family.
In these pictures, Connor's little brother joins us for a romp around the party room - a big open room that looks pretty indestructible for kids. We kick a soccer ball, play floor hockey, and eat some chocolate cake that the Songs made and decorated with sprinkles and giant chocolate bunnies left over from Easter.
I think this experience has been good for Frank, and I've certainly seen a new side to him watching him with the boys. I think he'll be a great babysitterin the next year or two.

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