Saturday, April 5, 2008

Lunch for Returning IA's

Yesterday we, the Oakleaf spouses, gave a lunch for the returning IA's (individual augmentees) and their families. This was the pretty cake we had at the lunch - it actually tasted great which I must say was a suprize, and the frosting was good too. Total we had maybe 40 people, including several kids. Chef Clement did the cooking, which was a treat for all of us. He is a really nice guy whose wife is in the Navy. Like the rest of us, he is here without a job and finding volunteer things to do. But he also teaches cooking classes at the community center. I have taken a class in making truffles, brownies (to DIE for!!), treats, pot roast and roasted veggies, chicken soup and chicken tortilla soup, and I missed the bread and rolls class, sadly. Anyway, for this deal he made an awesome meaty, sausage and pepperoni lasagna, salad and homemade sourdough garlic bread. the portions can only be described as gargantuan an everyone was cheerful and appreciative.
Nancy made this punch with sherbert, raspberries and ginger ale. We teased her that it was a lovely punch, and she was just a lovely gal, and this would reflect well on her husband's carreer. We snorted and guffawed a bit when Mimi said that back in the day, a woman's behavior was reflected on her husband's review. What is that? Wow, must be 1954. Sometimes, actually, when I need Jose's signature allowing me to drive our car and sign the kids up for school, I think I'm stuck in a time warp. Jose has lovingly given me full unlimited POA with no expiration. Oh...ha...haahhh....but I digress....

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