Saturday, April 5, 2008

our new house!

Yaaahoo! We got a townhouse in Ikego, on the base, and we are moving next week. It is happening so fast and my head is spinning. Note the BIG AMERICAN washer and drier, the dishwasher in the kitchen, wow, so happy about all of this. Notice the white white white. The inside of the house looks to be pretty much indestructible, even for me, the kids and a crazy little dog. the downside is that the Navy gives ten days notice, so we give ten days to our landlady and neighbor. That seems a bit sudden, but it is clearly laid out in our lease. Also, it only gives us ten days to pack our lives up and move them over. Of course the housing office, has said that we must move ourselves, the Navy will not move us. Why? Oh, th epolicy clearly states that blah blah blah....anyway it does clearly state that I have ten days to pack up an get out before the navy cuts off our housing allowance and we pay rent on our house here. So it makes good sense to get going!
First, after having coffee and surfing the net a while, doing a bit of shopping on the base, Nate and I went to the commissary to see if they had any leftover boxes. Yes, a nice, handsome young Japanese man did happen to have a million boxes, all neatly folded, all Fritos boxes. I made a brilliant comment like, "Gee, that's alot of Fritos". He said "Yes, Americans like their Fritos. Have to have....sell lots of Fritos...have to have..."
Bless his wee heart. And was there ever a truer statement?

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