Friday, August 1, 2008

new hobbies

I have not posted as much lately, because I've been in a bit of a slump. It has been mid-80's and humid, and my favorite new hobby is sitting on the couch drinking iced tea. Then again I enjoy collecting dust, and listening to the cicadas. Another thing I can get some pleasure out of is throwing out half-rotted meat and watching the huge crows and hawks fight over it, in the backyard. It is the supreme effort to do anything else.
It seems like the other Navy wives in this courtyard are in the same boat, except for the rotted meat. We try to call and urge eachother to get out of the house and sit outside in the late afternoon, to "stitch and bitch". Emphasis on stitch.
Jose has been home which has been wonderful, but I still have the urge to sleep late while he is at work, wear my pajamas as long as I can, and eat stuff. I was horrified that my weight went up a whole 1o pounds since he first was deployed. Now I have to eat small amounts of things I don't like, to get into my clothes, including some shorts!!
I do not seem to have the motivation to do anything out of the ordinary right now. Just cooking, taking care of the boys, some sewing/cross stitch, and taking them to swimming etc and other things they like to do. I have been buying stupid things online that turn out not to fit, then leaving them in the corner of the closet, in the original packaging. I watch Oprah even though I don't give two hoots about the person she has on. I miss being a social worker. Hell, I miss fitting into last years shorts.
The kids have had a good summer I think. They have had a good time with Dad, and now I am trying to numb myself to the fact that he is leaving again soon and will not be back until after Thanksgiving.
Oh, wellll.....I suppose some chocolate ice cream will cheer me up...perhaps a nice glass of wine...

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