Thursday, August 7, 2008

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Well, our new baby girl there is Natsumi - actually a pretty common Japanese name meaning summer, beautiful summer. She is an Akita puppy, about two months old. She and Jose can celebrate their birthdays on the same day. She seems docile and sweet, but that sure can change once she gets used to us. And of course, gets over being sick. When she has to pee she makes a bee line for the door and sometimes makes it. She seems very smart, smarter than Cricket.
Oh, yeah, Jose brought me roses for our anniversary. 15, one for each year we have been married! It was a wonderful day for us, and I'm so glad we could spend this day together before he has to leave for Columbia on Sunday. We had dinner at the Cantina, which is an Italian place facing the ocean, Zushi beach. We got a table in the front facing the water, and it was very romantic. When our neighbors got wind of it being our day, they had a barbeque outside and took the kids out to feed them. They filled up the pool and watched all of the kids have fun in it. We came home with chocolate truffles from the cantina for everyone. It was a wonderful day.
Then before bed we gave Natsumi-chan her anibiotic and tucked her in to her crate.

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