Tuesday, July 29, 2008

went to Chinatown with Jose this time!

So when we went to Chinatown with Jose and the boys, Yuri, Matthew and their daughter, we did not take the train this time. We drove in and parked at this funny ramp, where you drive your car right into a little elevator, turn off the engine, and it automatically closes and whisks your car away someplace until you come back with your parking ticket and some money. Cool Beans! It was just our luck that their was some kind of festival going on that night, with a parade. We ate hearty in a Chinese place, of course, don't ask me to find it again, and were served by the only surly and neglectful Japanese waitress we've ever had here. It almost made me homesick for the Perkins in Forest Lake, MN. The food was delicious as usual, all of the four times we've been there.
What made the parade a bit suspenseful was that people randomly set of fireworks in a garbage can, in the middle of the crowds, almost made me pee in my pants. Definitely had me jump three feet in the air. Crazy bastards! :)

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