Thursday, August 21, 2008

back in the game

Natsumi has been back home, where she belongs. It is almost a complete recovery, but still some fluid left in her lungs which could take a month to go away. She is looking great and now both ears have risen to perk up: something developmentally normal for the Akita pup. She has also put on 2 pounds in the last week. I think she is out of the woods! :)

Also like a regular new puppy, she is up every few hours at night howling in her crate. Consequently, I'm a bit tired. During the day, she alternates between running like crazy and trying to pee everywhere, biting and chewing everything, and sleeping a peaceful sleep sprawled out on the floor. She has three pills to take each morning and night. I try to pack a bit of canned food around each nugget, but last night she put a clean-licked pill on the top of my bare foot: No thanks!

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