Friday, August 22, 2008

Hobbit houses in Japan

Only in Japan, I tell you. I found this online while the new puppy was chewing on my foot. Apparently in Kyushu, Aso Farmland has 480 dome houses made of expanded polystyrene in a massive recreational facility. They are touted as being energy efficient, very fast to assemble, earthquake and wind proof, and of course cute as a button. I could not steal the Hello Kitty house pic, for some reason.
I think Jose and I need one of these houses, with a solar panel on top of course. That way wherever we end up moving, we will just take our house with us. Perhaps we could park it across from a Starbucks or large mall.
For a hilarious advertising pitch on these adorable houses, and some more pics, log on to:


Heather VanG.. said...

Hello Rabbit....sleeping caterpillar...

Heather VanG.. said...

Here's what we could do....connect three in a little circle and put a child in each one and have one to ourselves. hee hee