Monday, August 11, 2008

Natsumi update

A really special thing happened. I was ordering a big book on Akita from, the one with the most stars in front of it, the one which with shipping would have been over $40, when I got an email from the seller that she was not going to charge us because we are military, and thank you for our service!

Wow, that was sweet. Then, turns out she was the author of the book and sent us a bunch of akita websites to check out as well, and asked us to send pictures of Natsumi.

As for the divine Miss N, she is still sick and has been back to the vet for another kind of antibiotic which means she has two kinds twice a day, and one kind at noon. The vet is a sweet Japanese guy who works on the base. He thinks I worry a bit much. He thinks I need to give things time with her. But he did say that if she doesn't get better he will do a chest x-ray and consider putting her in the hospital for nebulizer treatments, etc.

Little Miss Natsumi is so precious I cannot tell you. I do not know what to say about the pet store that sold us this puppy, or the puppy mill she may have come from, but we love her already and I desperately hope she is going to be ok.

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