Tuesday, August 26, 2008

puppy tug of war

The dogs are doing better and becoming best frenemies. Natsumi seems to win at tug of war most often. She is doing well and this is her last day of the three pills she has to take BID. Whew! She still has a bit of a wheeze and this week, is going to the Vet for a nebulizer treatment every other day. At roughly $45 a day, I am hoping for a faster recovery. Apparently she is much improved but part of her lung has been damaged probably permanently, and she still has fluid there in addition to the dark area that doesn't work. I may have already said this but I am sooo tired from getting up at night with her...Jose says her lungs will grow bigger anyway and that small part won't make a difference. He sees a big healthy rascal in our future.
The pet shop in Tokyo has decided to send us 6 months of Science Diet Puppy food as a bit of an apology. She will surely eat every bit. She is now officially taller than Cricket.
Anyway, to avoid sounding like a new Mom who talks only about her baby, let me wax poetic for a moment about the carpet tiles in the picture. They stink. Literally and figuratively. They really bite. They migrate all over the white linoleum and annoy us all, but our neighbors all have them and when one of them PCS'd this summer, they insisted that we take over their old carpet squares, for a small fee of course, rather than see them go into the nonburnable trash. We inherited enough to carpet much of the living room, the hallway and up the stairway. The number of tiles have been shrinking, as they end up in the trash anyway, for reasons I wouldn't want to bore the loyal reader with.

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