Thursday, August 14, 2008

VERY sick puppy

Poor new baby Natsumi is sick! Very sick!
I have brought her to the base vet three times in the last 7 days since we brought her home. I just knew she wasn't well. The first time, the (quite) handsome, soft spoken Japanese fellow said it was kennel cough and put her on an antibiotic for any secondary infection that may be going on.
I came back 4 days later, saying something just wasn't right with her, she was sleeping all day and not eating well. He laughed at me a bit and thought I worry too much and it had only been a short time, I did not give it much time to work. Ok, I can be a bit of a worry wart. But he could see that she was the same, so added a different antibiotic.
Then yesterday I brought her back again. He saw me come in and just grinned. So cute he was, I must admit. And I can say this because me poor beloved husband, who I truly adore, is off on his mission for the next few months and I know for a fact has not been reading my blog the way he promised. Anyway, I told him that poor baby girl had not been eating or drinking well at all, and not getting any better.
So he reccomended that I take her to the pet hosital in Hayama, the Japanese one. Yuri and I drove her over and she interpreted for me (love her!).

Poor baby girl is very very sick. Her lungs have lots of fluid and she has a severe pneumonia. She is malnourished and dehydrated. this is the way we got her, pretty much. They admitted her and I left her resting in a clear box with oxygen, and an IV. The vet said she cannot guarantee whether Natsumi will actually make it or not. She said that they will do another lung x ray later today and if no change, then we will need to have "a conversation".

It has only been a week since we got her, but we have come to love her in a very short time. I hope she doesn't die!

Please say a prayer and keep your paws crossed for her, she is a really sweet girl!!!

In the meantime, Yuri has been calling the Japanese pet store and hollering at them. They have already sent a box of puppy food and treats by way of apology, but after some updates from Yuri they are asking, How can we resolve this to your satisfaction?

Yuri is the type of aggressive, confident person that can get things done. Things that we signed away, like not holding them responsible to vet costs later, etc. Of course we had no idea what we were signing. And we knew she had "a bit of a cold" when we got her.

My backup plan is to sell all of Jose's coin collection, computer games, computer and ipod and other electronic gadgets of his to pay for her bills at the hospital. I am sure he would be fine with that.

Miss you honey!

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