Sunday, August 3, 2008


Well, I did not get any pictures but we just spent a day at the Yunesson spas - Jose, the boys, and I. It was really alot of fun. It was a 2 1/2 hour drive of the most beautiful scenery I've ever seen, through the mountains toward Fuji. Then, Yunesson consists of the most fun and odd baths ever:

a coffee bath
a wine bath
a green tea bath
a sake bath
a waterfall bath
hot and cold baths in the rock pools
a hot pepper bath!
a bath for your feet only, with "doctor fish" that come up and bite the dead skin off your feet = tickles
the dead sea bath with tons of salt, so that you float
the rose petal bath, very nice
lots of special pools for kids and some water slides
food and stuff to buy $$$

there are places to gets massages and treatments
there is a geyser that blows hot water and steam faithfully around the clock, every twenty minutes

Frankie seemed to like everything, but I think Nate's favorite was the coffee bath. Every couple of hours, a guy would come out and refresh the bath with buckets of warm coffee, making a great show of splashing the bathers. He surprised one guy by dumping the whole bucket over his head and everyone was hooting and laughing. Nate got splashed with coffee pretty good. Amazingly, the Japanese migrated over to the coffee bath when it was time to pour more in, and the times were posted!

I had to tape over my tattoo and hide it because, no! tattoos! allowed!

Today is Monday, and back to reality: climbing Mount Washmore!

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