Monday, August 4, 2008

another day in the life

Another day and I cannot find the cord to the camera. but what a cute picture of this little Japanese boy and his faithful Akita nanny! I want one. I want I want I want.

Anyway, we had a regular domestic type day over here. In the morning, my neighbor Yuri and I went shopping in Zushi for bread, veggies in the stalls, sushi and fresh fish from the fish market. I picked out some awesome sword fish that must have been swimming that very morning. Yuri said that was the perfect fish for making fish tacos, and proceeded to rattle off the recipe. For 250 yen a piece, the guy wrapped my fish in newspaper and handed them to me in a bag.

Later after we got home, Yuri came knocking on the door with some cilantro and some tortillas which she said, with her husband on the ship, she would not be able to eat. What a sweet gal. Then she asked me if I wanted to learn how to make tea boxes, since she has a friend who makes the Japanese tea boxes. Do I ever!!!

Frankie has a pottery class and then a first guitar lesson. Frankie has gotten himself a used acoustic guitar from Hard Off, the second hand shop close to where we live. Since Nate's guitar is electric and we are waiting for the case to come in the mail and then take in somewhere for repairs, he is not in lessons yet, even though he is Mr Rock and Roll with his Guitar Hero Game. While Frankie was in class Nate and I did what we do best: went shopping a bit and went to Starbucks.

Later that night we ate the fish tacos which were very good:

  • combine olive oil, lime juice, cumin, chili pepper, cilantro
  • marinate the fish in this
  • grill the fish
  • put in taco wrapper and top with cabbage and cilantro, sour cream, green onion

After dinner we had an unfortunate avalanche of kool-aid over the table, chairs, newspapers and white linoleum. The culprit, only to be known as F, made a token effort to clean it up. This morning, I got right out of bed without any urge to linger like I usually would, and mopped it. After getting back to the gym, I seem to have gotten out of my funk. Thank God.

But Jose is still leaving us on Sunday.

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