Thursday, August 21, 2008

tiny puppy quilt I made

Ok, I made this little quilted mat for doggies to lay on. It certainly isn't perfect, but it's my first attempt at a quilt like this. Today I had to run it through the wash for reasons I wouldn't want to bore you with. It came through and is even softer. It looks kind of girly, but they still fight over who gets to lay on it.
Today the boys and I will need to run some errands. First, Nate needs to get a new bus pass, because he has lost his old new one, and school starts Monday. We need to pay the phone bill and pick up the mail at the hospital on the main base. We need to get the boys a few more things for school and pick up a large crate for the new dog. Then its to the commissary for a few bits of food: preferably easy and fast kinds of food for the rapid meal prep.
I have had to bring Natsumi to the vet every single day this week for nebulizer treatments, etc. I am worn out and have of course been using this as my excuse for avoiding the gym. The boys have had swim lessons this week and are getting plenty of exercise whilst I lay on a reclining chair at the side of the pool, reading a cheap novel about some detectives chasing a serial killer. That is about all I have in me intellectually, at least for this week.
Frankie who is now 13, has become the darling of the neighborhood. He has been babysitting nearly every day so the mothers here can run errands. He loves to babysit and still has enough little boy in him to be fun. According to 3 year old Ashley, "Frankie is soooo adorable!" :)

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Heather VanG.. said...

Wendy! I love your puppy quilt! Spoiled puffers. Glad to hear the princess is back on her throne! :)