Tuesday, September 30, 2008

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Well, I took off my last rant, but then put it back on thanks to my friend, Peevish. I looked at it in the 5 am light, with the rain falling softly outside and Natsumi chewing quietly on my pajama leg, and thought nah...it's too snarky and negative. I had some coffee and started surfing around the net, finding all kinds of cute, positive and cheerful blogs. I remembered how I deleted one from my favorites that was all bitter and nasty about the Navy - the one that had nothing nice to say, ever, ever.
I like to always be positive but I guess that isn't genuine. So I won't fake it here.
I will have a rant from time to time if I see an injustice. I guess I'm not as "go with the flow" as my husband. I will get upset from time to time, and if I can't change the situation it just adds to my heartburn, or some mysterious rash that will crop up.
In general I think we have a good life here in Japan. I love the Japanese culture, and the land is beautiful. I have some wonderful friends here. But sometimes it gets gets old having Jose gone doing his medical humanitarian stuff. I try to be cheerful most of the time on the phone with him, so that he doesn't stress out about me on the other side of the globe. I do the same things with the boys, cook the meals, take care of the pups and clean the house. But sometimes I get a bit down, dwell on situations and politics and take it out on the white linoleum with a good mop.
Ahhh, enough about me.....
Hope everyone is having a better day!

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