Monday, September 1, 2008


Well, yesterday we went to a pool party that the base had at the Ikego swimming pool. They had food and drinks there, so I was all over the idea of getting the kids out for some fun and at the same time, eliminating my need to cook. Because when I cook, there are always dishes.

Anyway, while we were there Frankie got the courage up to try the "swim test". The swim test is for kids who would like to go to the pool without the supervision of their parents, only the several young lifeguards who are always there. You must swim 50 yards and then tread water for one minute. Frankie has been thinking about this all summer, and gearing up for it. Yesterday he had several buddies at the pool and wanted to get that special green wristband just like the rest of them. Well, he passed! Whooo! He was grinning and sitting with a table of buddies when Nate and I left him.

Nate didn't take the test and was a bit jealous and moody. But like I told him, swimming lessons have done him a world of good this summer. this was a young fellow who was afraid to put his head under, who is now doing cannonballs and having a blast with his little buddies. He doesn't tread water and he doesn't really float well, but he does alot of other things in the water and really is coming along.

Later we went home and played with the dogs, worked on video games (ha) and cross stitch. My buddy Yuri was out back on her patio smoking when I let the dogs out and said, "What's for supper?" Actually our houses are connected and we are often outside in our backyards at the same time. Because of our magnificent canna lilies, often the only clue she is outside as well would be the wafting second hand smoke that follows her. :) Anyway, I had put some carrot soup in the crock pot, but not in the mood to eat it. I am the only one who likes my carrot soup. Jose, love him, does not really like it either.

Carrot soup:
2 cups carrots
one onion, diced
2 cups chicken broth
1 tsp curry
1 tsp Worcestershire sauce
salt and pepper
1 potato, diced
1 splash of hot sauce

Put all of the above in the crock pot and when you get home, the house will smell like curry. When the veggies are good and soft, blend them up and add:

1/2 cup milk and 1/2 cup plain yogurt
1 tbsp peanut butter

You are done.

But anyway, I am the only one who likes it.

So last night the boys and I and Yuri, her husband, their daughter and Pam went to a great Indian place in Kamakura. That place has the most awesome truly wonderful Indian food ever. Ever! I ordered a huge piece of naan bread and the chicken curry in mild gravy. The chicken curry is soooo good it will bring a tear to your eye. The naan, they make behind a window so you can watch. It is truly food porn.
This place faces the ocean and we were able to sit outside and soak up the view, in the setting sun. Frankie ordered this seafood curry with a green coconut sauce and prawns, scallop, some things with shells, some crab claws, and one thing inside of a shell edged in bright blue that was actually sort of pretty. He go the mango lassi which he likes, a sweet yogurt drink. Nate ordered the naan and a coke, like he did last time we were there.

This place is very easy to get to from where we live, I'm afraid. Too easy. To get there, we get on to 134 and its right off of there, through 2 tunnels. On the way we past the Cantina which is a great Italian place which the boys would love. And a buffet place which I have also promised to take them to.

If I play my cards right I may not have to cook all year.

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