Friday, September 19, 2008

Tropical Storm Sinlaku

It's been raining most of the week and the kids have been getting restless. This doesn't stop them from running around outside and tracking in mud all over the white floors, though. Here is sweet little Ethan coming over to see Natsumi. She adores kids, especially tiny ones. The problem is that she tries to jump on them and play-wrestle. Ethan keeps coming back for more abuse though - he thinks its funny!
Yesterday we were gearing up for a good typhoon - tropical storm Sinlaku -but it seems to have passed us by for the most part. I think. When we woke up this morning, there was an impressive puddle in the center of the courtyard but that was about it.
Well, we were just hunkered down. One thing I love to do and maybe this is a Minnesota phrase, hunker down. We went to the base mini-mart for a movie and two pizzas to share with Yuri's daughter. I found one mindless magazine which makes a frumpy middle aged mom feel inadequate both in fashion sense and makeup application, and one magazine which makes same gal feel the need to buy scads of new furniture, draperies and accessories for the home. It was fun.
Alas, the boys and I spent the evening together and had a peaceful night of sleep, and woke up to a grey sky and steaming quiet puddles in the grass. Yes, and quietly steaming puddles in the white linoleum.

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H-bomb said...

Oh my Gosh they are so cute! I love how the little tail is a bit blurry from on that wagging, and what a cute little boy. Cute cute cute!!!