Saturday, September 27, 2008

family cruise on the Shiloh

Oh, man, Frankie is taller than his Mom!?!

Can you guess who the pint size firefighter is?

These guys might be a bad influence.....I think they were having alot of fun....check out the tats!

Nate impresses everyone with his wit and wisdom.

Later, back in the wardroom....

The boys and I went to the neighbor's family cruise aboard the Shiloh. For the day on Fri, we cruised around Tokyo Bay. We got a look at all of the other ships including a Japanese research vessel used to break ice in the Antarctic. There were lots of planes flying overhead, and helicopters flew around us to wave hello. We saw a refueling island, a car manufacturing plant, the Toyko Bay Bridge, and Disney Sea we could see from the boat also. We got a great tour of the inside of the ship and had fun and lots of good food. The sky was overcast and not as hot as usual, so it was perfect. Windy! A great day to play hooky!
Jose would be so jealous! But don't worry honey, I got you a Shiloh sweatshirt. At least, I think I'll give it to you....

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H-bomb said...

Fun Times! They boys look so much older I just can't beleive it. How tall Fankie (Fank?) is oh my gosh!!! So good looking, too. All of you.