Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Potato Mows the Lawn

Tonight, Naters did the job of mowing the lawns. When I say he did it, I mean Nate checked the mowers in the self help shed for gas and oil and found one that had the most gas in it. Then, I pushed it up the hill to our yard, and we tried to start it, unsuccessfully. Then we pushed it back and found another one that looked as if it has a whiff of gas left in it. Pushing it back was a bit painful because we had to explain things to Miss Peabody who sits in a chair out in the courtyard. Why is this dishevelled woman pushing mowers back and forth and grumbling at the preteen son? And why does this boy have such long shaggy hair?
Anywhoo, "we" got it started, but it died soon thereafter: not enough gas! I drove to the minimart as the sun was setting and bought their one remaining gas can, filled it up and returned home, pausing only long enough to explain to Miss Peabody who was now quite demanding to know what we were up to. :)
After this, Nate was in business. He had learned the important parts of mowing from a wonderful neighbor of ours who was home resting this summer following major surgery, and was restless and helpful with our boys. It was very sweet of him to take Nate and his buddy under his wing and teach them the basics of mowing a lawn: just when they were missing their own Daddies. :)
So, Nate mowed our lawn, Yuri's lawn, and another neighbor who faced a sunnier area and had more actual grass than the rest of us. But, less mystery clumps.
In return for my sweat and angst, Yuri fed us some of her delicious chicken paprikash.
If you look carefully, you can see Natsumi's little face peeking out from behind the sliding door. Cricket is there too, but he is harder to see, being mostly black.
The last picture is the view from our backyard, of the thick wall of forest facing our house. It is here that stray cats roam, snakes slither, and mysterious humming and clicking beetles rule the night.
Here's to a little less mystery in our backyard. Thanks Taters!

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H-bomb said...

Way to go Nate! Nice job! Way to get things done and exchange favors for food :) I love the pics and the description of the forest. I was trying to explain to Pete what they do for the fireflies in Japan the other night as we laid on the deck and tried in vain to count the stars...