Monday, September 8, 2008

latest sewing project

I am trying to potty train this new puppy and whenever she does pee outside, I want to give her a treat. So I made this "treat bag" with fabric samples from Kamakura. It is hanging by the sliding door to the backyard where I like to think the dogs will be going pee at some point. The back has poodles; the front is a cream colored linen that I embroidered these little pictures from a pattern. The grommet punch thing came from my neighbor, who has now convinced me that I need one. Japanese embroidery books really take the cake with how sweet the little pictures are. I am starting a small collection of Japanese embroidery and cross stitch books.


Ethan & Alisa said...

I L-O-V-E that Bag! OMG!!!
I would soooo buy that! (for putting plastic food bags in... or onions/potato's.......... CUTE BAG!

cricketspaw said...

Hey, thanks!!! That's an idea, make some bigger ones to hold potatoes etc. could be on to something...:)

H-bomb said...

SOooo LOve that bag! Hey you could use those grommet thingys to make shower curtains - or curtains! Totally I would buy that. Nice work Wen!!!