Monday, September 29, 2008

That's Bull Ship

Well, I'm angry with this command. I read on another blog that someone was feeling slighted a bit by the over-the-top preferential treatment of the arriving George Washington folks.
It is nothing against the families, they are leaving their homes and settling into a foreign place, and fast becoming our new friends.

But my friend was reading the latest Seahawk and snorting. Apparently no one welcomed them when the Shiloh first came to the super cool special sale at the free food and festivities for the huge banners...and nope, they never got to sign up for a house and not to leave their last command until there was a place open.

Nope, after reading articles in the Seahawk, it sounds like the rest of us are all nothing but a pile of chopped liver over here!

A few bullet points:

We got here and did not have any housing. That is how housing works for most of us here. We were told that the wait list was about 12 months or so. We were not important enough to warrant a house immediately. We were also not allowed to put our name on the wait list until we were personally here, and also, attended a certain informational housing meeting that met once a week at 8am. Then, we could put our name on a waiting list. Why? Because that was the rule. And rules are rules.

We moved out in town for several months before we were offered our first place on base. Like everyone else. Don't get me started on how I was treated when I went to the housing office to ask to get back on the list, when my husband became an IA. Don't. Sure the woman was a bit nasty, but she had to tell me what the RULES were, and said a few times, how other people would be upset if after living in town for almost two years we were given an unfair preference by moving to the top of the housing wait list.

Oooh, I got myself started....Sorry.....

Oh, and I forgot how many lines I stood in, fighting jet lag and wishing I had brought a book. Why?? Because I had a regular sponsor from the hospital, not the kind who is allowed to register your children in school for you, sign for you at self help and have your house furnished for you when you arrive.

It galls me that rules seem so arbitrary and fleeting, and preferences are so obvious, and it appears that the concept of a rule or policy is as flitting as a summer dragonfly. It is not that I feel rules should be set in stone, but honestly, can people not help all of us families with what we need when we get here? And while we are here??? The nest time a cynical, uncaring robot behind a desk denies my family something because it is a "rule" or "policy", I will surely be forced to climb over the top and give them a supersonic snuggy. And a hard twisty snakebite. And a wet willy. Twin wet willies.

Ooooh, I get so mad. I hope the Navy is not so screwball back in the states. I don't plan to have anything to do with the base back home, unless I have to. Uuuuugh.


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