Saturday, September 20, 2008

Quick, open the door!!!

Last night I was sewing at one neighbor's house complaining about not know what to have for dinner , when another neighbor announced that she was in the mood to cook Thai food. Soon, after that I was distracted by a wet little fellow who I'll call "Taters" jumping around in the rain complaining of hunger pains, peeking through her sliding glass door. I went home and was watching the boys eat their delectable sloppy joes and frozen corn, when there was a knock at the door: Rebecca, the Middle School teacher. Ms. Don't You Dare Cry in My Classroom! We saw Mama Mia together and at that point I realized that she is quite fun and caring person.
She bakes the most wonderful peach pies and her japapeno corn bread is to die for. Last weekend she made smoke brisket and homemade buns, and forced the whole courtyard to eat dinner at her place. It was awful :))).
Anyway, when I opened the door here was:
coconut beef curry over rice
thai beef salad
homemade lumpia (Filipino egg roll)
So good! I'll never ignore a knock at the door again.


H-bomb said...

Wow that looks yummy!!

Peevish said...

What, no peach pie? Or did you eat it before you took the picture?

cricketspaw said...

Yes, well...I can neither confirm nor deny the presence of any peach pie at my residence....