Friday, October 3, 2008

one sick puppy part 2

Natsumi-chan gave me this sad, frowny face today :(

That's when I realized that she was not feeling well, and she really was starting to cough again. Poor baby!
Back to the Hayama vet, and it turns out she has bad pneumonia in one lung, and the other lung almost totally clear. How weird is that?!
I have to bring her back twice a day again for nebulizer treatments, and its just killing me how expensive it is.
The vet thinks possibly she has a gastric reflux problem and is aspirating her own, you know, puppy food and water...after she eats. She does have lots of gross burbs and hiccups. I just figured she fit in perfectly around here.
She has finished two sets of puppy shots, but needs to be healthy before she can get the next set. I am starting to stress out about my brothers wedding, which I've been planning to take the kids to in early November! My two favorite neighbors are moving, and the rest of them have no interest in taking in a semi-trained semi-destructive cute little puppy and the two year old diva who pees on the floor in the house if it is rainy outside. The kennels will not take a sick dog who hasn't had all of her shots, and the Hayama vet doesn't board.
So, Miss N has to get better soon, has to!!

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H-bomb said...

Poor poor baby! You are such a good mommy!! Don't sweat it Wen. Take care of the people and things that are with you. We'll still be here when you're able to come back! I told Leroy that I might need that passport after all..
Good luck with the nebs. Call the pet store and get them to give you pet insurance or a neb machine (??)