Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cool Beans

Last week we went to Yoko's house (a friend of Tea Box Sensei) and learned how to make bean treats with sticky rice. Frankie came with and learned along with me. Only later did I find out that he secretly doesn't like the azuki bean paste - he was polite, thank goodness.
Yoko taught us, then led us to a low table in her tatami room where we sat on pillows and enjoyed a dinner: a diakon(radish) salad with crab, a couple kinds of pickles, delicious azuki treats wrapped around sticky rice, a platter of huge dark purple grapes, homemade pickled plums and a garlic miso paste to try with fresh iced cucumbers. While we were sitting there, she brought out a platter of steamed sweet potatoes.
After dinner she showed us her craft: intricate beaded necklaces. Frankie has very interested and has already gotten me to order him a beading loom on line.

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