Wednesday, December 17, 2008

rainy day blah!

It's December now and time for the Gomez family to get the winter yucks - sore throat, cough and colds that we pass back and forth a while. Each boy has been home from school a day or two.
Frankie was the sickest but after some prednisone and albuterol is now back to his old self. Nate has a cough but is just fine for school the last couple of days.
Jose and I have had a bit of runny nose, headache and mild sore throat thing for the last week and a half. Not bad really, just bad enough to go about our normal activities but whine a bit and feel tired. Er, more tired that usual.
Its been a good excuse to curl up on the couch with some coffee, hot tea (Good Earth Original, my favorite and which I can't get here so brought from home - nice, hot and spicy - yum!) and my latest cross stitch.
This one is also all in sepia tones. I might end up going blind from all this brown brown brown! It is from an on line shop, the pattern is of a Dad holding a new baby. So sweet! It looks like a photograph but does not show the Dad's face, so it could be Jose.

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