Tuesday, December 2, 2008

everybody loves Shadow

This is my latest little embroidery project. My neighbor L was in bed with some kind of virus - a fever, feeling cruddy all week. So I sent one of the boys over with cookies. I like to do kind things for other people but then get embarrassed when they are thanking me, so I often have one of the kids go over. Isn't that funny?
Her dog Shadow is really a role model for how I wish my dogs would act. I know Natsumi is only six months old and Cricket is a Pekingese and therefore the little prince of the house. But Shadow is such a big, gentle old soul. He is a chow-lab mix and has a fuzzy black bear head and tail, and the rest of him is kept neatly trimmed. He is our favorite early morning walking buddy here in Ikego.

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