Tuesday, December 2, 2008

owl just have another smidge of that dough

Well, I have been on a bit of a diet this last month, and lost almost 12 pounds so far. My clothes fit much better and that has been great. I haven't even felt very deprived. I've been on the South Beach Diet base on the Internet and library book.

At this point, I've basically been eating lots of veggies, meats, dairy, fruit and some complex carbs: whole grains, etc.

There have been a few compromises I've felt necessary to make here, and one is cookie dough. No stay at home mom and navy wife can be expected to do this thing here without a bit of cookie dough. Today I made chocolate chip cookies and had to have some dough. Just a wee jumbo smidgen of dough.

I could eat it out of the tube with a spoon, I love it so much. Mmmm! So here I am surfing the net, feeling a bit full and gross actually, while the dogs watch the Fox Crime channel. Good times!

Well anyway, to celebrate the first ten pounds I made this little owl fellow. He is a bit lopsided, you can see. But hey, alot of "us" are!

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Heather said...

Hee hee! I know just how you feel! You were supposed to be checking in! You look fabulous! Congrat's on feeling good and fitting into your clothes after they've gone through the dryer. That's awesome. I was going to tell you I could see it in your face when you came back for the wedding. Way to burn sis...H