Sunday, December 21, 2008

gaijin sweater hijinks

So I had this fabulous red sweater that I found at a thrift or "recycle" shop here in Japan. It was on sale for only 300 Yen. I can't read of course but I saw the "wool" picture on one of the tags, and it was a very soft and bright red sweater.
The little thing hung in the closet for a few months because I realized that as much as I loved it, the darn thing was just too tight across the shoulders and very short on the arms as many Japanese tops are, at least for me.
Ok, it was not going to button across the waist either.
So I finally cut the poor thing up and made a pillow cover out of it.


Peevish said...

Now THAT is very cute.

H-Bomb said...

I love it! Great idea! My goodness that is such a small pillow...if I made a pillow out of one of my sweaters, it would be much larger!