Tuesday, December 9, 2008

funky etsy shirt madness

Ok, so people who know me know that I looove thrift store shopping, and recycling and reusing things in general. I like finding the unique piece of clothing and the jeans that are already broken in, the cool old lamp or vintage obi from the recycle shops here in Japan. I love to shop but always want to keep my "consumerist" ways to a minimum and try doing something better for the environment. Heck, maybe I just have the "freak flag" and not afraid to fly it! (insert polite laughter here if you've ever seen The Family Stone).
Anyway, I was on www.etsy.com a couple of weeks ago looking for altered clothing, and couldn't believe the creativity that I saw there! People taking ordinary t-shirts and adding details of their own invention, or cool old collars and ruffles and embroidery and appliques. I ordered this top form Rebecca's Art Closet.
Please ignore the flab in the waist area!! I try to! This is the shirt that came, along with a hand-written note and a little wool pin she made in the shape of a teal colored flower. So cute!

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