Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Chistmas crafty goodness

I am finding so much Christmas crafty goodness on the net its unbelievable. Yesterday I was home all day with the tall one, who has had allergy trouble here in Japan for ...oh...a year. He got a cold bug on top of it and was quite wheezy yesterday, and coughing. He spent the day on the watching Discovery channel and solving murder mysteries from the couch, eating cheese and crackers and drinking vast quantities of juice. Poor chap had a bit of a fever so in between solving homicides, he snored lightly. The dogs curled on alongside him.
In the meantime, I found a use for the christmas scraps I found at Swany's in Kamakura last year at this time, and never used. For a good fabric pennant tutorial, check out:
for some cute free embroidery patterns, check out: http://pimpstitch.typepad.com/
for more crayon roll madness, check out:
Poor little bear is on some medicine and feeling much better this morning!

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Peevish said...

Great links, Wendy, but if you think I can figure out how to make a crayon roll from looking at pictures, you have another think coming.