Monday, May 18, 2009

tea party

After the lesson, the three mothers laid out a wonderful tea party, leaving me feeling quite honored and special. Here are three of the fancy cakes we had. Like most traditional desserts, it was not overly sweet, and was indeed filled with the insidious bean paste. But actually, I have grown to love mochi and the bean paste over the last few years. The little cakes were precious. Mine (not shown) was purple and had tiny petal flecks in it, and a shaped purple flower and leaf on the top. With the girls, we sat and enjoyed:
matcha cakes
pocky candy on a plate!
a bowl of assorted rice crackers
a new type of strawberry pocky
kit kats!
a bowl of chips!
bowls of fresh, frothy green tea that tasted fresh and like spring and all green things
generous glasses of iced coffee
my muffins
The girls ran around, played, compared their new felt pins and barrettes, twirled around, and sang a cute version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star repeatedly.
And at the end, I got paid! Can you believe I get paid to do this?!

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