Monday, May 11, 2009

Felty Fun, or if After 10 Tries You Don't Succeed

My friend Emily came over the other night and it was really nice to have her. Jose was working late as usual so it was nice to have plans with another adult! We knit, watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (very good movie, made my eyes water a bit), went out for Indian food with the Bear, and generally had a nice time. The next day, slowpoke here finished her bowl, which ended up looking like a hat, and tried my first stab at felting. The inside of the washer was all felted up nicely, I noticed, but it took many tries of running in the hot washer before it would felt up. Notice that it seems maybe possibly not totally felted, but after 10 tries, I decided enough was enough. We will just have to enjoy our fuzzy bowl the way it is. It is about 7 inches in diameter or so.

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